Visalus and Biggest Loser Information

Visalus and The Biggest Loser to produce an online show together!

Biggest Loser co-creator, Ben Silverman, and Visalus will co-produce an online show to showcase the 90 Day Challenge story of Visalus challengers.

YOUR own 90 Day Challenge story could be featured on the co-produced show and even shown on TV.

Visalus and The Biggest Loser joining means mainstream visibility for Visalus, a company that has been growing at 600% increase year to year and at the cusp of breaking history records by being the first company to reach 1 billion dollars in sales in such a short amount of time in only North America.

How can YOU be a part of the action and possibly get yourself on the show??


1- Start your very own 90 Day Challenge as a Visalus customer or promoter.

2- THEN, get your own Challenge Showdown channel and start posting your progress via YouTube videos on your channel provided by Visalus

Visalus and The Biggest Loser stories to be showcased will be announced on in the fall.

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