Visalus Vi Drive Club

Visalus Vi Drive Club

The Visalus Vi Drive Club program is an incentive offered by Visalus in which after reaching the rank of Regional Director (the second level in the compensation plan), you become qualified to receive a payment towards a Bimmer. You can opt to receive $300 cash for as long as you maintain that rank, or you may receive $600 cash instead once you have a Bimmer and show proof of ownership.

Some people think that this Visalus Vi Drive Club program  is a  scam, however, I actually have not only earned this incentive myself (that’s me above, standing in front of my Visalus car in front of my house), but have more than 14 individuals  as of the date of this post that have earned theirs as well. It is definitely not a  scam… HOWEVER….

I think I know why some people might be thinking that this Body by Vi car gig is a Visalus scam. I have heard some say that “the company only offers this car in an effort to retain people in the company since they are now tied to a car they can’t pay for themselves”. This is actually PARTIALLY CORRECT (keep reading below).

But, you DO still have to qualify for the loan itself directly with your dealer of choice. The Visalus Vi Drive Club does not arrange for this piece. So, in a sense, you either re-qualify at that regional director rank to receive your payment towards the Body by Vi car, or you will need to pay the car payment yourself according to your loan contract on any particular month you didn’t re-qualify.

My thoughts on this being considered a Visalus Scam are as follows:

1- ALL companies strive to lower attrition. Keeping people on board, whether this is a corporate company or not, is always cheaper than acquiring and training new customers or distributors. The fact that Visalus has figured out a way to do that thru their “Visalus Vi Drive Club” at an earlier rank is pretty brilliant. In my opinion, Visalus did this to reward RETENTION and not so much production at this level. It’s a risk well taken as it maintains a solid line of distributors active in the business, longer.

2- The Visalus Vi Drive program does not just GIVE you a FREE Car. Once you’ve earned your Body by Vi car payment, you still have to qualify for the loan on your own thru a dealer. This ensures that only those financially qualified to acquire this loan will actually get it. So, no there aren’t a bunch of people who can’t afford it driving around in a new car. At least not according to the loan officer that approved the loan.

3- The Visalus car scam, as some refer to it, doesn’t need to concern you as such. The Visalus car loan commitment is easily avoided by taking the cash ($300) instead of the $600 for the Visalus car once you reach that rank.If you continue to re-achieve this level, which involves helping others reach theirs, it’s pretty certain you will rank up yourself (again) and that monthly will go up. A consistent monthly income is what a loan officer will look for to qualify you for a car loan. (The majority of folks entering this industry do so with a full time job as their primary source of income until they can transition over financially.)

You do NOT need to get the Body by Vi car if you don’t want to. You are welcome to take the $300 cash and apply it to any other car! It’s cash! Do what you want to with it.


It is HARD to re-qualify for the Visalus Vi Drive incentive every month?

The short answer to this is “no”, it is not hard to re-qualify IF you are working with your team members consistently and helping them reach Director rank, then helping those reach Regional Director rank. If you do that, then YOUR own rank will be reached month after month because of the volume duplication. The same effort will return the same results month after month, PLUS, it will continue to duplicate.

How soon can I get my car once I qualify?

I didn’t get my Visalus car right away after I qualified: I waited 4 months to do so to make sure there was consistency and stability in my team.

My suggestion to my team is that once you are re-qualifying for the Vi Drive Club by the 1st half of the month consistently, that’s about the time you should make your decision to apply for the loan. The GREAT NEWS is that, in the meantime, as part of the Visalus Vi Drive program qualifier, you will still receive $300 cash regardless. Save that or apply it towards your current vehicle!

So, to sum it up, do I think the Visalus Vi Drive Club scam is in fact a scam?
No, absolutely not a Visalus scam. Earning the car is 100% for real, it is happening, there are many people, including myself, driving around a monthly bonus payment towards a car (or cash) and many more qualify for their own Visalus car every day!

For more information about the Visalus Vi Drive Club, or to enroll as a Visalus distributor and start working towards your own car payment.

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The above is my opinion about the Visalus Vi Drive Club