Visalus Business Building Strategy

Dou you have a Visalus business building strategy?

Visalus business building strategyMost people (like 90%) come in and out of network marketing with zero or little results. This is fact. I know the reason, I have seen it over and over. I have even tried a handful of network marketing companies that didn’t work for me too. I blamed the company, or the product, or the people I joined. And frankly, in many cases, I was right. But in general, in my observation, the reasons most people fail are primarily for these two reasons (mine was mostly the second):

1- Believe: You don’t believe in the “system” enough to COMMIT to your business. You get mad and “ashamed” when someone tells you no. Or you are the toe in the water kind of person. You know, see if it works first before you put in too much effort. Or worse, see if I get any volume from “above” first. Or maybe the “I am out of family and friends to talk to” so this didn’t work for me. Is this you?

But this post is actually not about “believe”. However, I wanted to at least share this much with you about believing: if you don’t BELIEVE in the model AND in your company AND IN YOUR ABILITY TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN IT, it will never work for you. People will see right through your hesitation or your fear. You gotta be ALL IN. Using the products, experiencing results and supporting your company’s mission. You have to believe in YOURSELF and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that YOU WANT TO AND CAN DO THIS.  If you are ashamed of doing this or are afraid of “OMG what will others say?”, then you are either in the wrong company or in the wrong industry altogether. Get your believe straight FIRST, then work on the second reason most fail which is what this post is about.

2- Business building strategy: I never was taught a business building strategy to build my network marketing business with AS A LEADER. At least not a business building strategy that I could easily pass down to my team so they could implement as well.

It took me over a year in Visalus to actually pin-point and identify a Visalus Business Building Strategy that actually works. I am going to share it with you and if you are a Visalus distributor or even a distributor for another company, you can take this strategy and apply it to your own business. It may or may not work for your company since we all have different enrollment systems, but at least you can take parts of my Visalus business building strategy and use what you can from it.

When Jim Rohn said “It is the person that you have to become to be a millionaire that matters”, he nailed it on the head at many levels. Leadership in Network Marketing is not about telling people what to do and hoping THEY get results. You must become the type of leader who WANTS to help their people reach their goals first. If you are selfhish and always put your own needs first, you are doomed. There is a time to help yourself so you can then help others, but the focus needs to shift when needed. In this industry, regardless of your level, if you stop “doing”, you stop “building”. If that scares you and you thought this would be a plush job and eventually you wouldn’t have to do anything at all, you are in the wrong line of work. You gotta walk the talk and develop your teams deep if you want to grow.

Network marketing is DIFFERENT than a regular job in that it allows you to have a more flexible schedule and do things more your way. But it’s not a “get out of working” card. Just a different line of work! So instead of coming into an office to work on something for someone else, you are working from pretty much wherever you have internet access from or at least phone service and working to create something for yourself WHILE helping other people do something for themselves. The bottom line here is that when you start focusing on how you can HELP other people in your organization is when you will start seeing results in your own business.

With that concept of helping other people in mind is how I came up with the strategy to build my Visalus business. I took a combination of different activities that my leaders were doing, I tore it apart and put all the pieces together of what I thought could work for me and my team and this is what I am sharing with you today:

First and most importantly: KNOW YOUR COMPANY’S (or TEAM’s) PLACEMENT STRATEGY

In Visalus, the waiting room is your most important strategy in building your Visalus business.  Never, ever MOVE anyone within or outside of your waiting room UNTIL two things happen:

1- You have discussed your strategy and your waiting room with YOUR upline (or a person you are working with in your organization who UNDERSTANDS this system) and

2- You only people out of the waiting room when you ABSOLUTELY have to move that person out and place them under one of your legs

WHY? Because when you have VOLUME in your waiting room, you can use that as leverage to help people either START their business on the right foot (by sharing SOME of that volume), OR help the people in YOUR organization advance in rank (by sharing SOME of that volume). This is single handedly one of the BIGGEST advantages of the Visalus system, it’s waiting room. You can keep people in your “waiting room”, meaning, not assigned to any particular organization (or leg), for 60 days from the date of their enrollment. While in the waiting room you will get paid commissions the same as if these folks were in your front line. As volume builds under people (from their sales), you can then make strategic decisions on where they can best be placed.

WHAT ELSE – If you have 3 people in your waiting room and ONE of them is about to “expire”, you can then decide wether to place them under one of your “legs” (and take them out of the waiting room), OR, you can literally also place them under someone else in your waiting room thus keeping that volume there, again, for leverage.

Ok, so the “waiting room strategy” is another post that deserves its own attention, but for the purpose of THIS post, the strategy and the point here is to keep your Visalus distributors IN the waiting room ALWAYS and discuss placement with YOUR upline before moving ANYONE.

If you are not in Visalus, understanding how to build your teams is very important. For example, now a days most network marketing companies are binaries. In binaries you need to have one person in one leg and another person in the other leg to “get paid” right? But the mistake most make is that they actually do this first! Instead, the BETTER strategy (in my opinion) is to build ONE leg deep and teach every single person in that leg to place their first TWO enrollments under that same power leg before they even go and place someone on their inside leg. Why? Because momentum creates excitement and if everyone in your organization learns and applies the same strategy then everyone will be doing the same and creating momentum all the time! Think about it.

Second step in your Visalus business building strategy: ACCOUNTABILITY

The first week of EVERY MONTH should be spent identifying WHO of your personally enrolled members WANTS to set goals for the month with you. You can also include here any “orphan” in your organization who was brought in by someone you enrolled whose enroller is no longer in the business.

The goal is for your people to step up and tell YOU that they want to set some goals and plan out the month with you. YOU are not allowed to MAKE anyone set goals no matter how much potential you think they have. If people don’t see their own potential, or want to take the reins of their own business, YOU will be wasting a lot of time making them. Trust me. (I am not saying you shouldn’t help someone see their potential, what I mean is that they need to step forward on their own to set these monthly plans).

So, basically, you send a simple email that asks them “Who wants my help with setting goals and mapping out what it will take you to reach those this month? If that’s YOU, please set up a 15 minute meeting with me by the 5th of this month so we can discuss.” This is a 15 minute conversation strictly about GOALS (the purpose is to identify your runners, write down their goals: ranks, volume, enrollment, whatever it is for accountability purposes) AND A REALITY CHECK. Yes, you need to make sure that the goals your folks are setting are REALISTIC for the month based on their business stage. Don’t set unrealistic goals for people, make sure there are steps to celebrate along the way and that what they set out to do is attainable.

Once you identify 2-3 people (that’s usually what you will see), then you pretty much focus on them for the month. Meaning, you follow up with them, make your calendar available to them and even allow YOUR own waiting room to be an option to help them reach a rank should they need it to reach their goals and they have achieved some milestones to do so! Don’t promise volume that you don’t have, you can help as a leader in many other ways: help answer questions, 3 ways, etc…

Ps: This doesn’t mean the rest of your team doesn’t deserve your attention and recognition. It just means you are going to follow up more often with THESE candidates. Some folks like this accountability and some do not like it and will still produce results!! So don’t ignore the rest!

Third step in your Visalus business building strategy: MEET & GREET

Have a welcome call, live or via webcam when possible (Google hangouts are my first choice) where all folks that came in new to the team the month prior (and everyone else who wants to come) are invited to attend for a quick meet and greet 20 minute session. Explain your vision for the team, introduce yourself, share your contact information and BE a part of your team! This not only builds credibility that there is SUPPORT and community, but it helps your leaders learn how to do the same later on. If there is time I allow for quick Q&A and if the answer is already found in the back office, or a video then I direct them there. If the answer is simple I provide it. If the answer requires a more personal response, I ask THEM to set up a quick 1:1 with me to discuss.

LAST step in your Visalus business building strategy: DEVELOP LEADERS

Encourage those who have stepped up to lead teams to do EXACTLY the same as above with THEIR people. I recommend they only start this process on their own once they have been in the business for at least six months, have a team of more than 5 active distributors AND have gone through the waiting room strategy, accountability setting, and meet and greet process with you!  

You see, duplicating your process creates LEVERAGE. Because eventually it will be impossible for you to handle your entire organization single handedly. So you have to develop others by teaching them what works for you. At that point, they will have Steps 1-3 of their own and then pass on the 4th to THEIR leaders and so forth.

I’ve also found that even though it is great to have a visible upline 17 levels up, they will just inevitably not have enough hours in the day to spend coaching everyone. However, if there are several layers of great leaders in between, your organization will always feel supported.

Oh and PS: don’t become this totally unapproachable person once you’ve built some teams. Your team will unravel from the bottom up so quickly you won’t even know what hit you! Stay friendly, encourage scheduling appointments with you if you must to manage your day better, but never ever ever be so stuck up that you don’t respond to “downline” 10 levels down. In other words, act like a normal person. I am not gonna schedule time with someone just to say HELLO. Just SAY hello!! We build systems TOGETHER. We all need each other to succeed. I almost wish the industry did away with this downline/upline terminology but until we come up with something better, let’s work with it and not let it dictate your attitude!

Now go forth and build your totally awesome network marketing business and teach others how to do the same!

If you happen to be looking for a business and you are interested in learning more about Visalus and my organization, shoot me a quick email and let’s chat ( Include your number and TWO times with time zone that will work for you and I will try to make one of them work! It may be myself or one of my team leaders contacting you back ok? CIAO!

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