Visalus Business Information: Is Visalus right for you?

visalus challengeIf you are looking for Visalus Business information, here is a basic description of how this works and, if that interests you, you can also start your process by watching the overview video at the bottom of this post.

Visalus business information: Visalus is a network marketing company, or multi level marketing structure. What that means is that sales are based on face to face networking or, now a days, social media networking. You, as a Visalus promoter or as a Visalus distributor, would sign up as such and then share/sell the 90 Day Challenge (which encourage sales of the Visalus shake kits) to others. You can share the 90 Day Challenge with just about anyone directly or online. You can even sell it retail as long as this is an independently owned store (no chain stores allowed like Target, etc). If you are a Dr’s office, not that Visalus shakes CAN be covered by many of your patient’s medical insurance if the prescription is for weight loss due to obesity. This has actually encouraged many medical offices to enroll in the program and offer the Visalus product to their patients.

Even though you would be an independent Visalus promoter or Visalus distributor, you are technically enrolling with a group of people who will help train, guide and encourage you. This training typically happens online, training calls, or via Facebook and can be accomplished on your own schedule and from the comfort of your own home.

In addition, VIsalus gives us all the training tools we need to learn how to market the 90 Day challenge, and offers us professional marketing print, images and logos we can download for our own marketing. oh, we have REALLY cool SWAG! :-)

I would also serve as your direct support system if you should enroll in my group. I have more than 10 years of experience in the industry, have been able to build extensive teams, including International teams, but most importantly, I have been able to help others make money, earn cars and become financially independent. You can learn more about me on my about me page here.

But before you get started as a Visalus distributor, first you must consider the following nuances (yes, they are nuances I think). And I boldly share this with you because I want to make sure that this is the right fit FOR YOU as well. I know everyone says that “anyone can do this” and that’s mostly right, but not everyone WANTS to do it. So here is what it takes and you decide:

1- Visalus is not about selling shakes. Technically, yes, we only make money when we sell product. However, to be successful (and I believe this is to be true in any industry), you MUST have a REASON behind why you want to sell this product. As a health product, for most, the reason is because you WANT to help others get healthy. Obesity is an epidemic. If you want to be one of the leaders in helping eradicate this terrible disease, which even affects our children, then promoting the 90 Day Challenge to help people start thinking of committing to their health 90 days at a time, may be for you. If so, keep reading.

2- You must get over your friends and family supporting you (or not). Having your own business does not mean you will share with your mom, your best friend, your favorite cousin and maybe your high school BFF and hope it takes off from there. It means looking at your business like a REAL business and thinking BEYOND your family and friends (regardless of whether they buy a shake from you or not).

You can start with them to get yourself “trained”, if you would. They can be your cheerleaders. But if your business is going to take off you will need to think of it in larger terms. Our Visalus training helps you get beyond friends and family, which includes challenge parties (tasting events), social media sharing, advertising, etc… If you treat this as a real business it will pay you as a real business.

3- Some will say NO. Once you start your business you must know this: some people are going to say NO. This is a fact. And I am here to tell you that no matter what anyone says, SOMETIMES ‘NO’ MEANS ‘NO’ (it doesnt mean MAYBE, LOL). Tough love here. I am amused by the sheer number of leaders that tell you that when someone says NO they dont really mean it and that you should insist. That’s not true. I do agree that a lot of people say no at first because they didn’t understand what you were proposing, or maybe they just couldn’t do it at the moment. You just keep on keeping on and those will come around later.

But there will also be some folks who are just not interested at all. I tell you this because I want you to expect this as a natural part of doing business not only with Visalus, but with any other products as well. The solution: you detach your emotions from the “outcome” of the conversation and eventually if someone says no to you, it will truly feel totally fine. It is NOT for everyone and you only want people in your organization who WANT to build this, otherwise, it will drain your energy.

Here is a little tip: when people realize it is completely ok with you if they say yes or if they say no (meaning, you are not desperate and all you talk about is Visalus like a crazy person), they will start seeing this as something they may want to check out. This, you will learn too.

Quite often, some folks who didn’t think they could do this, will come around later once they see YOU making it work :-).

4- Ghosts. You WILL enroll distributors in your business at all levels who will never bother to do anything with their business. Nothing. They enroll, never return calls, never share the product and then they drop off the system as eerily as they came in. I call these, ghosts. I do not know why this happens and it will happen to you too. I have spoken on the phone with VERY excited individuals (ghosts), ready to make a difference in the world who stopped the very next day. Do other people talk them out of their dream? Do they talk themselves out? Are they really just ghosts? (eeek) I have no idea. Just know this happens sometimes and it’s totally ok. Focus on yourself and your goals and you will be fine :-)

5- You saved me! You WILL get THANK YOU EMAILS from customers whose lives you have changed or even SAVED. This is fact. You must learn to deal with actually saving lives :-). Diabetes and obesity are no joke and it kills people. Being on the program has helped thousands get better. They will thank YOU for it since you introduced them to this. Get ready to smile a lot!

6- BFFS! You WILL make lots of friends because our group has over 4K distributors and we LOVE to socialize online. Our private community on Facebook is always buzzing with tips, recipes, ideas for marketing, success scripts, etc… You can join us too. Some do, some don’t. It’s up to you and how much you want to interact. We even have a private customer group for our customers where we love on successes, give them encouragement and post recipes and exercise ideas. We are a very supportive group.

In general, this is a real business with ups and downs and lots of money to be made for the right reasons, by sharing a product that helps people live longer, healthier lives. You won’t be along regardless of where you live. We are a very solid group. If this sounds good to you and you feel you can “set up shop” and share this with others then here is what you do next:

1- Watch the overview. Yes, you MUST watch this first. It will give an idea of how everything works in a nutshell.

2- Learn how to get paid. If you are a numbers person, watch the compensation plan videos.

3- JOIN ME! Go online, click on PROMOTE THE CHALLENGE and pick a distributor kit!

You are welcome to ask any questions below or just give me a call FOUR EIGHT ZERO 389-4297 :-)

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