Visalus In the News

And the numbers are in… Visalus sales went from $34million to $231 million in 2011. Outstanding! You know, people in Visalus in their excitement about the program just rave about their results and other people’s results but it’s hard now a days not to be skeptical. After all, there are so many diets out there that simply don’t work. The difference with Visalus is that it’s not really a “diet”. It is a healthy, nutritional, easy, affordable and effective way to include goodness into your daily meals without starving yourself!  And…. IT WORKS!

Read the full Visalus news article here on PRNewsWire!

If you are ready to give the Visalus program a shot, enroll as a preferred customer here. You will have full access to your account, editing your future orders, ordering more… but best of all, the opportunity of getting in the shape of your life!


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