Visalus Promotion December 2103: Free Vi Crunch Samples

Visalus december promotion: free Vi Crunch samplesVisalus December 2013 promotion is sure to get the attention of many! With 2013 coming to an end, a a very sucessful Vi Crunch launch under their belt, Visalus has announced a special promotion to kick off the END and the BEGINNING of the New Year for all new promoters.

This is how that promotion works:

All brand new promoters enrolling in December as either an Executive or a Star promoter will receive over $150 in Free Vi Crunch Sample packs to share! This is HUGE. Traditionally, cereal comes in a BIG bag. Tough to share and pass samples around. And although we do have smaller samples you can purchase as a promoter, what better way to get them than FREE instead! So your kit will come with plenty to give away.

You will be able to introduce your prospective clients and friends to a shake sample, along with a Vi-Crunch sample. That’s TWO Visalus meals. Have them enjoy the Vi-Crunch cereal for breakfast, the shake in the afternoon and call you in the morning! :-)

Is Starting A Business In December A Good Idea?

You may be wondering if starting a business at the end of the year, instead of waiting for January, is a good idea. Well, the answer depends on some factors and it is probably a good idea to check with an accountant first if you are troubled by the decision, HOWEVER, here are some benefits to starting in December:

1- As a weight loss company, these products are HOT at the beginning of the year. Weight loss is one of the TOP resolutions made by the majority of Americans. Setting up your business before the season kicks in (January 1st) means you won’t have to wait for product to serve your clients who will be READY TO GO on the 1st.

2- You can get YOUR OWN resolution under way yourself: Many people wait til AFTER the New Year to BEGIN, but those who are READY TO GO before January 1st seem to have a higher rate of actually doing it (success), because it reduces the temptation to procrastinate when to get started!

3- Tax advantages: Because your business kit is considered a business expense, you will be able to write this off as soon as you get around to doing your 2013 taxes!

If you have considered starting a Visalus business, consider starting NOW in December and take advantage of positioning, tax returns AND Free Vi-Crunch!!

To get started either visit my website at and select either an Executive Kit or the Star kit. Or, give me a call and I will happy to answer any questions you may have! 480.389.4297.

Happy Holidays!


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