Visalus Recipe For Success

This post is aimed at distributors, but if you are a potential customer, you may be delighted to know why the company is so successful. It has to do with YOU!… read on to find out why…

It is absolutely OFF THE HOOK over here! A year ago when I joined I wouldn’t have thought it would still be this great to be involved with Visalus. I usually lose interest quick, mainly because people get greedy and companies start changing things around! Or sometimes “I” just lose interest on the product. Or I just get distracted…It happens!! Visalus has gone above and beyond my expectations. Not only do things continue to get better for the company as well as for the distributors, BUT, it just keeps spreading and spreading.Why??? (In my humble opinion)…because the product WORKS!!

Our team closed today at ONE CUSTOMER PER MINUTE!!! UnBELIEVABLE!

What is Visalus Recipe for success you ask???? I will tell you… SIMPLICITY!!!! I know! Crazy. But that’s it. They keep things simple. The product simply attracts customers. PERIOD. And when you have a product that competes in the market as well as this one, at a price point that is appealing and with RESULTS that are “VISIBLE and PROVEN” by OTHER THAN its distributors… then there you have it… VISALUS RECIPE FOR SUCCESS!!

Now, that’s not to say you do NOTHING and POOF it works. As a distributor you DO have to at least tell somebody about it LOL! But you just don’t need to be a Ninja online marketer or some super active party MD! Actually, if you happen to have 5-10 lbs (or more) that you can lose, then YOU are all the marketing tools you need. Yes, YOU. Get on the 90 Day Challenge, lose them lbs and within 2 weeks people will start asking YOU what you are doing to lose the weight.

And should I even mention that the Holidays and New Year’s are the BEST time to talk about weight loss???

Here are some “get your Visalus business going” ideas:

1- Have a “taste party” (these are EXTREMELY popular and effective and the FASTEST way to get at least 3 friends started right away)

2- Not into parties? (me either). Tell your friends you are starting a new cool weight loss health program and would love some buddies to do it with you!

3- Post your 90 Day Challenge on Facebook and journal your adventure (soon your friends will want to JOIN YOU without you even asking… why??? cuz your journal entries will soon say “down 3 lbs, down 6 lbs…”)

4- Write a blog (like this one). Eventually it will attract traffic. People LOVE to read about things online before they buy (right???)  :-) !!!

5- Bring your shakes to work for lunch. Mix it IN FRONT of people. I use my little shake bottle with the little round blender thingy inside. I mix it with milk, the product and some chocolate powder. No electric blender needed. Still tastes just as amazing!

6- Get on the Visalus 90 day challenge program yourself and just make sure you actually TELL people what you are doing when they ask you how you are losing the weight!

There you have it. Visalus recipe for success is really very simple. And the best part… it pays promoters very generously.

Become a Visalus promoter today in our team and get ready for a wild and crazy ride! This is happening with or without you!!

If you have questions feel free to send me a text or call me at 480-389-4297. My name is Aymee and I have tons of resources to get you plugged in and connected to the team from day one and help you get your business off the ground quickly!

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  1. Hello! I love your blog! I’ve recently become a distributor and I’m so lost! I’ve been active a week and have no sign ups. I’ve gotten business cards printed, looked into posting an ad in my apartment complex newsletter and just no luck. My husband says its because of the holiday but I cant help feeling discouraged. Do you have any words of advice? Thank you.

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