Visalus Shakes: How The Body By Vi Shakes Work

Visalus Yogurt ShakeHow Do Visalus Shakes Work

So you’ve heard about The Visalus Body by Vi program from a friend or maybe on Facebook and you are curious to know what it really takes to lose weight with Visalus shakes and primarily: Am I gonna be hungry? And is this just a liquid diet?

The answer is NO, you will not be hungry if you are doing this correctly and NO, this is NOT a liquid diet. Let me expand on this below and give you some ideas on at least a few tips on how to be successful on the Body by Vi program.

Ok first, you should know that even though we call this a 90 Day Challenge, you are not by any means or contract required to buy shakes for 90 days. You can cancel at anytime and even get your money back if you felt the shakes did not work for you as you expected (while following the program). We simply call it the 90 Day Challenge because statistically speaking it will take 90 days for you to form a new habit and stick with it. In this case the “habit” would be learning how healthier choices affect your body, improve your health and can help you for a lifetime (with or without Visalus shakes).

So GOAL#1 of the Visalus Body by Vi program is to help you make lifetime changes so you can have lifetime results. Ok?

Here is how you should consider approaching this program. Keep in mind that every person reading this article has a different fitness goal. Some of you will have weight loss goals and some will have lean muscle building goals. This article is aimed at those with “weight loss goals”. Plus, I will make it as general as possible so that YOU can easily implement no matter what your weight loss goals are.


Let’s begin with assessing what exactly those goals are for YOU. It is very important, crucial in fact, to figure out not only how much you want/need to lose, but also understand what a safe time frame that would require. There is a huge misconception out there that the 90 Day Challenge will help you lose all your weight in 90 days no matter what that goal is, but that is NOT TRUE. The point is to do this 90 days a time. Depending on how much you need to lose that may take more than 90 days. Everyone also has a different metabolism, which is what accelerates or slows down weight loss. Some folks see results the first week (yay!), and for others it takes a couple. I have seen many people lose 30lbs in their first 90 days too! But let’s approach this LOGICALLY and safely. How do we do this?

Read on for some healthy tips on how to approach this Body by Vi program:

  • Visit the website and set up a FREE account

Enter your profile information (which is private unless you chose to make it public) and the website will advise you how many calories you should be consuming every day according to the fitness goals you’ve entered and your current physical stats. Be patient with yourself if it looks like it will take longer than you wish. You didn’t put the weight on overnight so it won’t just melt overnight (unfortunately).

Also, you need to be kind to yourself and be safe. That means that aiming for 2-3lbs a week at most IS safe, but aiming for 10lbs a week is too restrictive and unhealthy. Now, if you are eating enough calories and you drop 8lbs in one week with Visalus shakes then THAT HAPPENS, but trust that it will not be this consistent every week. It’s probably mostly water. And truly, it should not be this dramatic anyway. But many folks do experience a big drop at first because their bodies are getting rid of toxins. KEY POINT: EAT ENOUGH CALORIES

  • Not all calories are created equal

A 240 calorie candy bar IS NOT the same as a 240 calorie PROTEIN bar or a 240 calorie Visalus shake, for example. Basically, when you see the total calorie number on a nutritional label what that signifies is the combined total number represented by the fat, protein, and carbs (or sugar) in that food. If you know the number of fat grams, carb grams and protein grams in a food, then you can calculate the number of calories. See image below. Luckily, we don’t have to “calculate”, but the purpose of knowing this is that you consider WHERE the calories are coming from before consuming that item. Balance is key. Your body needs all of those to produce energy and it stores as FAT any excess that it didn’t use. Aim for higher value in protein and fiber than sugar and carbs. (Note: you don’t need to restrict all carbs, just find a good carb/protein balance).

How The Body By Vi Shakes Work


How do Visalus shakes play a role in your weight loss goals? They simply add a balanced amount of protein, fiber and carbs, plus other nutritional components to your everyday meals. I recommend you definitely drink a shake for breakfast. Our metabolism is ASLEEP, per say, when we first wake up. Protein gets it started. Having a great protein meal or shake within 1 hour of waking up will get your motor running. In fact, adding more protein, fiber and water to your daily regimen will help with weight loss, especially if you are not consuming enough of those to begin with.

Good news: My fitness pal will TELL YOU how many grams of each you should stick to according to your profile and goals! (You can also download the MyFitness pal app to most smart phones). As long as you are tracking in there what you are eating, it will track for you which of these categories you still need more of (or less of). But in general, for women, AT LEAST 30 grams of protein a day and for men at least 60 g of protein. Again, this is a very general rule. Don’t forget that even though the shakes have 12g of protein, you will be drinking TWO a day plus all the food you will consume will also have protein. (So, again, yes, eat food).

  • Food? What food? Isn’t this a shake diet?

No!!! Well, yes, we are including shakes to your “diet”, and although your breakfast muffin should be replaced by your shake, that doesn’t mean you do not eat food the rest of the day. Remember your goal setting above with MyFitnessPal? Ok, include the calories in the shake as part of your total daily calorie goals. That means if your goals say is 1400 calories a day and you mix a plain shake with fat free milk (although I recommend NO DAIRY, see below), your shake will be approximately 130 calories. That means you’ve got 1,270 calories to GO! Yum right!? Now I aim to add SOME fruit or spinach to my shakes and try to get them to 250, 300 calories each, but if I fall short I make sure to eat an apple, almonds (about 20) or a banana about an hour after. PREPARATION IS KEY: If you have the food you can eat available it will be easier not to be hungry

Tip: The shakes are not a magical solution. If you continue eating what you are eating and make no changes other than adding a shake, you will GAIN weight. In other words, the shakes should be used to replace bad food choices with better ones. Drink a shake versus a bagel or a muffin. Drink a shake versus a burger with fries. Do NOT drink a shake instead of a coke but still have your burger and fries. This will do NOTHING for you. Well, actually drinking coke is about the worst drink you can put in your body, so it may help, but you are still not tackling the main problem here. Baby steps will get you baby results. And sporadically drinking shakes, will not get you the results you are looking for. Make a conscious effort to include the shakes and be consistent. 

  • How many shakes  a day?

I recommend you shoot for TWO shakes a day. Replace your breakfast with one simple one that you can maybe shake up in one of those blender bottles as you head out for the day. Eat a sensible lunch (maybe chicken salad, or chicken with veggies, or fish, or something HEALTHY) and mix a nice hearty Visalus smoothie for dinner (Download 100 Visalus shake recipes here).

Now, what happens to many people (I know this cuz this happens TO ME) is that “drinking dinner” feels sort of awkward, especially is you enjoy dinner every night at the table with your family like we do. So, what I do is make a light salad to go with it or serve a MUCH smaller dinner plate than you normally would to go with your fully loaded shake. Again, take a look at what you have eaten today and see how much you need. Make sure you don’t save the 1400 calories for dinner because then your body will have a hard time burning all that at once and it will back fire. Balance the 1400 throughout the day.

  • How The Body By Vi Shakes WorkWater & Exercise (Do I haaaaaave toooo?)

Water: Drinking lots of water will naturally help your body get rid of toxins. And when you start adding fiber then it is VERY important to up your water regimen so that you can flush all that the fiber is binding together! I recommend about 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. So if you weigh 130lbs now, then aim for 60oz of water AT LEAST a day. Bottoms UP!

Exercise: You WILL lose weight with Visalus if you do NOT exercise. 80% of your weight will come from the kitchen! However, exercising adds so many benefits to a healthier lifestyle that I would be doing you a dis-favor if I didn’t encourage you to try it.

Exercise helps about every organ of your body function better, and it helps with burning calories, building muscle (which also burns calories) and so much more. It doesn’t have to be strenuous and frankly I cringe every time  I see many of my fellow promoters posting INSANE workouts! Good for THEM of course, but not my cup of tea.

My advice on exercise: do what works for YOU and stick with it! A 30 minute fast walk, or even go for the infamous 10K steps a day, get some folks to walk around your office building on breaks (I do this), or even taking the dog out will do. At least 30 minutes will deliver GREAT overall results and you can add or vary the complexity as you feel more up to it!

Bonus: when you add exercise to your regimen (at least 30 ACTIVE minutes), you can eat MORE CALORIES! If you are working out, then you simply make that second shake a recovery shake as well and now you can enjoy a healthy dinner too! BOOM!

Wanna stay motivated? Get others to do the challenge with you (with or without the shakes). Maybe even just the exercise part of it. Engaging others not only helps you stick to it but it holds you accountable to keep at it. I got myself a fitbit, then my husband got one, then 2 of my friends got one too and now its a fun taunting challenge that we laugh about all the time while we each aim for the most steps each day! MAKE IT FUN!


I don’t know about you but for me it helps to know what NOT to do, so here are my personal recommendations of what I suggest you stay away from OR totally reduce DRAMATICALLY from your daily food intake. Also, what to watch out for when mixing your shakes.

Now don’t shoot the messenger but in general WHEAT/GLUTEN will cause HAVOC in your body. This is true regardless if you are losing weight or not. I don’t want to get into the details in this article as this subject is quite vast and there is lots of research on it so I will do two things for you here: give you an overview of what to avoid specifically AND give you some resources where you can read more about it if you wish.

  • Wheat and Gluten Oh My!

Wheat: Basically avoid all bread, pasta and anything you find the word wheat in the ingredients (you will be surprised). I bet removing wheat alone will for many people MAKE A HUGE difference.

Gluten is a bit of a different story but suffice it to say that approximately 1 in 133 people in the USA have a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease and that’s only those who have been TESTED for it. I am willing to bet that number is MUCH MUCH higher and we don’t even know it. If you are having a hard time losing weight on ANY diet, try eliminating these two and see. About 2-3 weeks of a trial should render visible results!

Resources to Google: Wheat Belly (book & website), Great website on elimination diet, gluten free topic AND yummy recipes!. I have also done The Virgin Diet (also an elimination diet, for those suffering from any chronic autoimmune type pain).

  • Shake Ingredients To Watch Out For

I suggest that you stay away from dairy (drinking milk). Not only is it injected with terrible antibiotics and crap, but it is also very high in sugar. If you just love milk and I recommend you at least got organic milk. But better yet, try unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk (So Delicious brand is awesome). IF you are not allergic or sensitive to *Soy, then you can use soy milk.

*My Soy disclaimer & mini-story: the shakes have non-gmo soy. I had to do an elimination diet for 21 days (I did The Virgin Diet) and soy was one of the THREE main culprits for me. I did remove the shakes for 21 days. I have a hypothyroid and was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis pain. I had been drinking Visalus shakes since December 2010. My pain has always been pretty intermittent, mostly in remission, however, late 2013 it became more constant out of the blue. After removing gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, sugar and corn I got to “challenge” them back in one at a time. Anything with soybean oil or food like edamame beans would cause pain within 12 hours. However, the shakes do not. It probably is because the soy in the Visalus shakes in non-gmo (isoflavones removed which are what cause sensitivity). Gluten is also a problem for me (who knew!?). I am ok with eggs, dairy and corn but chose not to drink milk or eat corn. The corn these days is completely unhealthy and genetically modified, so I stay away from it. Anyway, I share this disclaimer so you are aware of how I managed this. If you are sensitive to soy, request a sample first and/or consult with your Dr. And if you KNOW you are allergic to soy then try a different protein shake. Visalus shakes are gluten free. The shakes have milk ingredients but no lactose.

How The Body By Vi Shakes Work

Fruity shakes beware! As you will find out, Visalus shakes powder is super yummy and it tastes AMAZING when blended with fruit. There are hundreds if not thousands of recipes with ideas on how to mix your shakes. You should create some of your own too! However, fruit is also fructose (sugar) and if your metabolism is slower or if you are not working out 4-5 times a week to burn those extra calories, then I recommend you keep the fruit to lower calorie ones (any berry will do) and stay away from bananas, pineapple, mangos and fruit with higher sugar content. Or at least use VERY LITTLE.

Save the super fruity smoothies for days when you are indulging rather than on a regular basis. But do experiment with little fruit or maybe some extracts, like coconut extracts, almond and even peppermint! We even have a site for recipes that are not even shakes, but that include the powder. ( but I only recommend this for those that have been on the challenge for at least 30 days and have reached their desired goals. Not that they don’t work but they are more time consuming and probably a better fit for the baking type.)


Visalus has introduced a new set of kits and more options to purchase your Visalus shakes. You can now choose from 3 Premier kits (image below): weight loss, lifestyle and fitness. These premier kits are specifically designed to help you meet those goals. However, if you prefer to buy the products a la carte, you can do that too and still get a discount at checkout. Keep in mind that after discounts a premier kit will end up a great deal because of the free shipping, but its up to you. Know your goals and what it will take to get you there, then go for it!


Now that you are ready to get your challenge on, but WHICH VISALUS KIT should you start with?

Basically you select the kit that fits your fitness goals. The shake bags contain 30 “servings”, which means if you are going to just do ONE shake a day, then one Vi Shake bag will work. OR, obviously, you can get two Vi shake bags and have enough to do two shakes a day, If you are looking to lose more than 20 lbs, I highly recommend that you went for the Weight Loss Premier kit instead. But you decide what’s best for YOU and start with that: Visit and click the BUY NOW button to learn more about each kit and get started. To review the contents of these Premier Kits first, click here.

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How The Body By Vi Shakes Work

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  1. I am not losing weight as rapidly as I had envisioned, with 2 shakes a day. However, it ma be my lw metabolism, and using fresh and frozen fruit; so I am going to use your suggestion, and temporarily, maybe 30-60 days omit the fruit, and amp up my exercise to get better resuts!

    • Yes, good old metab is most people’s reason for slower results. For me as well since I have a hypothyroid. The fruit reduction should help. Also make sure you are eating the right “other food”. Lots of veggies, lean protein and water. Your weight divided by 1/2 is the recommended minimum in ounces per day. Keep me posted! :-)

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