The ViSalus Sciences® Body by Vi™ 90 Day Challenge …
is, well, a “challenge” to get back to your desired weight goals in 90 days (depending on how much you need to lose). We accomplish this by replacing up to two meals a day with the delicious and nutritional Visalus V-Shape shakes. The Visalus shakes are part of the Body By Vi 90 Day program you have been hearing about. These Visalus shakes are absolutely delicious. You simply mix them with skim or soy milk, juice or your favorite low fat alternative, add in the mix and blend or shake! They actually taste like a birthday cake! We have several recipes to give your shakes a different kick every day because let’s face it, who wants to have cake for breakfast and lunch every day? It WILL get a little boring after a while and we thought of THAT too!

Watch a live challenge party presentation by Ashley Sarnicola

So, in a nutshell, that’s what the 90 day challenge is all about. You commit to replacing up to 2 meals a day with these delicious shakes, add a snack in between and then have a “reasonable dinner” (reasonable = within your total daily caloric intake!). An example Visalus day meal plan: my weight is 129 and I am 5′ 3″. My total caloric intake daily is approximately 1200 a day. My shakes run about 250 each. My snacks are usually around 125 calories each. So during the day I consume roughly 750 calories. At dinner, I aim for 400 calories. That’s reasonable. I do add exercise 3 days a week, which burns around 300 calories on those days so I tend to add a couple protein snacks to make up the difference in calories burnt.

How to join a 90 day challenge.

You may have heard about the challenge online, or maybe you’ve been invited to a Body by Vi Challenge Party. Either way, the challenge is your own personal challenge! The advantage of attending a party is two fold: (1) you will get to taste the shakes. (2) you will most likely be joining the challenge with people you know which could hold you more accountable to sticking to it. Either way, GO FOR IT and challenge yourself! All you have to lose is a few pounds and you will save some money doing so! (Because the shakes actually come out to under $2/meal so if you are replacing a lunch, then you are probably saving a few bucks!!!

Did you know?

You can mix things up with your Visalus shakes by adding
fruits, cocoa powder or any of the healthy mix in flavors that
come with your shakes. I mix mine with frozen fruit every
other day for a tasty treat!

Here are some Visalus shakes recipes, take a quick look!