What To Eat While On The Challenge

what to eat while on the challenge

I do not like feeling hungry. This is why strict “diets” simply don’t work for me. I wanna eat when I am hungry. Thankfully, eating the foods I now eat, I am hardly every hungry! Of course, NO ONE probably likes being hungry. I’d say that’s the reason we get into trouble to begin with!! Ha! But, after trying several groups of foods, I finally found one that fits my eating style. The recipe I am sharing here is a slow carb meal recipe.

What I mean by “groups” is that you will find low carb diets, high carb diets, low fat food, a combo, etc.. the point of diets is that a certain combination of nutrients when eaten together, will provide the best result. So, in essence, you can truly PICK ANY eating plan and if you can stick to the foods that work well together in it, you will probably lose weight. Easier said than done, I know.

If you love fruit and go on a no fruit plan (South Beach?)… you are gonna WANT fruit every day. And that’s not easy to deal with. If you go on a zero carb diet, then you are gonna seriously miss bread or pasta. And so on and so forth. So, you gotta decide what works for you, what you like eating and what you can “do without” for any plan to be successful for you.

Then, of course, ADD SOME EXERCISE. Not a requirement, but it helps with just about everything related to your health so why not include it!

On to my meal idea here. I pretty much stick to SLOW CARB foods (Google Tim Ferris 4 Hour Body). I, of course, include the Visalus shakes into this regimen, which works very nicely since protein is also a main component of this diet. Protein helps expedite your metabolism in the morning, it helps build lean muscle (together with weight training), and it keeps you full longer throughout the day when accompanied with slow carb (not to be confused with low carb) foods.

So, if losing weight and adding some muscle definition happens to be your goal too, then you will enjoy this dish. You can serve this one for breakfast, lunch OR dinner. I usually drink my shake for breakfast as my protein. I just had this for lunch today:

what to eat while on the challenge

Pinto Beans Egg Fritatta Recipe

3 medium organic eggs (you can reduce to 2)
2oz deli lean turkey slices cut up in little pieces
1 serving of canned pinto beans (well rinsed)
1/2 green onion (chopped)
1oz of finely cut regular onion
Salt to taste
Optional: fresh salsa

Mix all ingredients in a bowl together, then pour over heated medium oiled pan and cook til eggs are done over medium heat. Add fresh salsa on top if you’d like.

Approximate nutritional value: 33g protein, 20g carbs (slow carbs..good for you), 7g fiber (roughly 300 calories = one meal for most 1200-1400 calorie a day plans)

Together with the Visalus shakes, this is a wonderful addition and very easy to make meal, for your 90 Day Challenge! Enjoy and if you make this, let me know how you like it!

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  1. this recipe ROCKS . I added one scoop of vi to it and blended it with the eggs and onions (because if my grandkids see the onions they won’t touch it)it was great and the the kids loved it o Thanks . I love to finding new recipes

    • Awesome! Got lots of good feedback on this one on the fanpage. We tried it again last night with green and red peppers diced and some chicken (the shredded one you microwave from Costco!). Yum! This will easily serve two with those added ingredients. Thank you for your feedback! :-)

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