What’s New For Vi in 2015

Vi equity plan 2015There are so many great new things coming in 2015 for Visalus that truly it is too long to type up. You can see a summary of each area below and where to get more details for each Vi 2015 change. What I do want to point out quickly is that after 4 years in this company they never cease to amaze me. The heart and spirit that drives the founders and the distributors to plunge forward and prevail is absolutely inspiring to say the least.

Why is Vi going through so many changes? Wasn’t it already doing well? My answer to that is simple “you can’t grow if you don’t change and evolve”. We wouldn’t have iPads if Apple stopped at iPhones. We wouldn’t have online shopping malls like Amazon and instant access to gazillions of books and music and next day delivery (even SUNDAY delivery now), if they stopped with “Prime membership”. You have to evolve and when you reach a point where things are great, then you make them BETTER. And that is what the Visalus founders are doing. First they bought the company back late 2014. Now they own it and it is no longer publicly traded. Here is where the game starts to shift. Now they can do whatever they want and what they want is to move it forward, step it up a notch and help all those who trust and are committed to realize whatever success he/she is looking for!

I am excited to see all the changes. And these aren’t the traditional compensation plan changes that almost every company tweeks here and there to regain momentum. We are talking EQUITY in the company. That’s right, EQUITY. When the owners get paid, the distributors get paid. I am ALL IN FOR THAT.

Check out all the changes and read all you need. If you want to join my team, reach out to me ASAP. We are a strong bunch, with team members in every US state, Canada, UK and recently Spain. Get inspired, decide to do more, be more and grow with us! To reach me email info@joinchallenge.com or visit my promoter site at http://www.JoinChallenge.com


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