What’s Wrong With Sugar?

what is wrong with sugarToday I read a great post about sugar on the Vi blog and also found an article related to the same subject on another publication. It is really amazing how much information there is about the health complications of sugar and yet the public refuses to make a change.

Quick personal story on this image: when I was little growing up in Spain we used to go to lunch or breakfast or wherever and my parents would order an espresso and they were always served with a dish full of these little sugar cubes (as in the image here). I LOVED THESE!  I would sneak them and let them melt in my mouth… yum! I was a child. Didn’t know any better. In fact, not even grown ups back then really knew the implications. Good times, good times! :-)


I DO believe the public we are starting to see the light.

I have seen a definite shift in people’s eating habits towards healthier choices. At the very minimum it is definitely no longer “a thought” but the fact that prevention is the key to avoiding disease and not so much all these meds that only serve to mask the pain (although for many, that is maybe all they can do at that point).

I see a lot more groups that rally around raw eating, eating more vegetables, eating locally grown, juicing, even exercising, and promoting healthier living. I love it! It’s all about your overall change that will make a difference in your body, not just a shake here or there.

Yes I know I promote Visalus shakes, but I personally promote HEALTHIER living, not just shakes. As a matter of fact I have had clients who have started their 90 day challenge with me, drinking 1-2 shakes a day and after a few months they had shifted their eating habits to the point they KNEW what to eat and LOVED eating that way… for life. Do you still need shakes at that point? I don’t believe so!!!! Unless you love drinking them, which many do! They do have protein and they are healthy, but NO, alas, you don’t need to drink shakes for life if you are on a path of healthier eating and sticking to it! But many folks do need a catalyst to make a change, and the 90 Day Challenge often serve as just that!

Below are the links to the two articles, but I would love to know… have YOU made any changes to your eating habits at all in the last few years? Both, my husband and I have. We switched to a vegetarian diet about 3 months ago (we love it), we juice 3-4 times a week. Neither one of us drink sugary drinks anyway, and we have never allowed our kids to do so, mainly because of the caffeine, and now for added reasons.


1- From the Vi Blog: Caution On Sugary Drinks

2- From Hungry For Change Blog: How To Spot Sugar On Food Labels

So, leave me your thoughts if you would, have you made any changes to your eating/drinking habits at all in the last few years?

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