Which Vi Products Should I Order To Lose 10-20lbs?

Truly a loaded question which deserves a loaded answer :-). I have actually created MY OWN challenge kit EXACTLY for this particular goal variance. *Obviously I can’t guarantee how much you will personally lose because I don’t know what level of exercise you are committed to or what you are going to end up eating outside of the recommended food items. However, in my opinion, the items inside this selection are about what I personally eat and have seen success with. Once you reach $300 in your Vi shopping cart, you get to enjoy an additional 15% discount and free shipping so this is the total I recommend you order.

Aymee’s Custom Vi Kit (Lose* approx. 10-20 lbs)
(This kit will qualify you to receive an additional 15% discount PLUS free shipping at checkout so it will end up costing you around $252 plus tax. Shipping is free.)

which visalus kit to choose



1 Nutritional Shake Mix bag (make sure you drink ONE a day for breakfast, snack or lunch)
1 Crunch Protein Super Cereal (eat this as one of your snacks or for breakfast. IN ADDITION to the shake, but if you have 1 for breakfast, have the other for snack.)
1 Shape Up Chocolate Flavor (to give the shake a delicious chocolate flavor on the go. You can also mix in strawberries, or any berry. Keep it to no more than 1/4 c)
1 Nutra Cookie box (oatmeal or chocolate) – super tasty snack. I microwave mine for 12 seconds
1 Nutra Bar box (chocolate/caramel) – always in my purse or I eat this as an evening snack. Seems to be when I crave something sweet)
1 Vitamins for kids (new product – chewables, they taste very good) If you don’t have kids, or prefer an alternative then order Vi Defy (super effective antioxidant great in water)
1 Vi Pack (take one set am and one pm). This is a set of vitamins and minerals specifically formulated for optimal body function. When your body has the right fuel, it heals YOU!
Although that is my recommended Kit, you can always customize your own, of course. If you reach $300 that’s when you can enjoy the maximum discount. I highly recommend you prepare a kit then stick with it. You can ALWAYS change the contents at anytime, but always include the shake and a snack AT minimum.

But what else do you eat?

Yes, yes, yes, our products are AMAZING and they work and taste so great, but folks YOU GOTTA INCORPORATE DELICIOUS MEALS into your program as well. Our goal will be to work together to create RESULTS, then we can start transitioning into other things. Sometimes the shakes just act as a catalyst to get you where you need to be, but healthy natural food choices will definitely help you continue on your journey to optimal health.

In general the program works best when we drink a shake for breakfast and lunch, eat snacks in between all meals, then add a nutritional well balanced meal for dinner. Depending on what you ADD to your shakes, one shake as a meal replacement may not constitute enough calories for you. For example, if you mix the shake with water that’s only 90 calories, if almond milk thats closer to 130, if you add fruit, you are adding nutrition but also sugar (so be careful), and if you add avocados, spinach or yogurt, now we are talking 300+ and THAT is a meal. So what I am saying is to be careful what you add, but feel free to eat some eggs with your breakfast shake, or a light salad with your lunch shake.

Visit myfitnesspal.com and figure out what they recommend your calorie daily intake should be according to your current situation, our goals and your exercise level. Once you have that number, work to balance out all your meals accordingly, with lunch being your HEAVIEST and dinner being average. You don’t want to eat 900 calories right before bed!

My first recommendation when you feel hungry is this:

1- Determine if you are actually hungry, bored or simply in a habit circle. This is what I mean: I take time for myself once a weekend to watch a movie on my computer. The kids are asleep, husband is meditating or traveling and I am simply allowing myself to unwind. I grab popcorn and m&m’s, a glass of wine and hit play. Me and Mr. Darcy! You get me right? Now of course, this indulgence every once in awhile is totally ok. It is when we automatically grab food, even though we are not really hungry, simply out of habit. No need to break the movie habit. I ain’t breaking mine lol. But instead, acknowledge this is what is happening so you can adjust and maybe choose something else to eat or figure out if you actually DO need to be eating anything.

Eating simply because we are bored is another big one. Sometimes we are mindlessly browsing the internet, or reading a book and having something to munch on seems natural. Just think when and what you eat last and whether you are still hungry or not. You may only be thirsty!!

2- So you have decided that you ARE hungry. Then eat. Simple as that. With the kit choices above you can choose from all kinds of different things, including snacks. Just don’t eat them all at once LOL. Once we start reaching some goals, we can replace those with other things if you wish to. Although most customers stick with these because they work so well. I have been with Vi since 2010 and have reached my weight goals (plus minus 5 lbs) and I STILL drink my shake almost daily simply because it is a delicious snack. I love creating new shake recipes!

My favorite snack are sliced apples with almond butter on top and some healthy organic granola on top of a (tiny) bit of honey. Yum! I took this pic the last time I had this treat.


Eat things like: chicken, fish, limit read meat (1/week), turkey meat (great on salads), eggs, quinoa white rice (we need carbs for energy – limit 2-3 x week), sweet potatoes (1-2 x week), fruits (all berries, bananas in moderation, apples, oranges), veggies (raw, salads galore), avocados, yogurt, unsalted mixed nuts in moderation (costco), drink LOTS of water daily, almond butter.

Avoid things like: sugar, pasta, processed food (like spaghetti and mac and cheese, or anything already pre-cooked in a box), milk (use almond, coconut or soy milk instead for shakes), red meat (only in extreme moderation), donuts, bread, candy, coke or diet (all soda really), alcohol (in moderation – 1 glass of wine here and there is fine, but of course, ZERO is better). Save the daily lattes and frappuccinos for VERY special occasions. Lattes (my favorite) are mixed with milk which adds quite a bit of sugar, and fraps, well don’t even get me started! In fact if you are a frequent starbucks junkie (like I was), simply replacing this habit will pay for most your kit!!! But I need energy… fine, add a case of Neon healthy energy to your kit. You will love it, especially if you drink energy drinks already and need a healthier alternative.

Eating out: resist fast food joints – once a month at most (my average is 1 a YEAR – I can always find a better alternative). When eating out plan to look at the menu ahead of time so you can research nutritional value and be able to make substitutions as needed BEFORE you arrive. No need to be totally inflexible, but knowledge is power and you can still enjoy a delicious meal by picking healthy options. I always get the dressing on the side. The dressing usually is LOADED with not so great calories and junk. So I dip my fork lightly In the dressing instead of pouring it on. Just ideas here.

Do you need to exercise?

Ugh, the struggle is REAL! I get it. I am not a crossfit diehard. Or livehard for that matter. I don’t crossfit at all. And yes, you will start to see changes and likely significant ones without exercising, but if you want to add definition to your newly acquired body shape then exercise you should! Otherwise, you just won’t enjoy that toned healthy muscle we all admire. And if you are eating better, feeling better and looking better, then why NOT give your heart a little pump as well and exercise!? My choice of exercise? Drum roll please… I WALK. That is right. At least 30 minutes a day. Me personally, I got a Fitbit that challenges me to 10k steps a day. That amounts to approximately 1 1/2 hours of walking. I don’t do it all at once of course. But I am awake for about 14 hours or so, I can move my booty for at least 1 1/2 of those. In other words, I get off my chair and walk around throughout the day. Anyway can do that right?

So yes, I highly want to encourage you to move a bit. Or do yoga. That works too. Or go train for a 5k or a marathon! In fact, our Vi Family Challenge encourages everyone to join hands and do it together, with your family! We are actually training for a Hot Chocolate 5K together. I am dreading it (cuz I hate running) but I think since we are allowing ourselves to train for it so far ahead, we should all be just fine. Here is my and my family after one of our walk/run training days. Best of all, we are having a great time laughing and challenging each other.

Our Vi Family Challenge


Simply click BUY NOW, select country and start making your selections. If you live in a country where certain products on my kit are not yet available, just make a different selection.

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