Why Does The Vi Neon Energy Drink Glow?

I can’t even tell you how much my friend and I laughed when we first learned that the Vi Neon Energy drink glows green in the dark. LOL. We figured anything that glows like that has GOT to have some chemical storm @#$% going on. Or kryptonite. Thankfully, it has neither. Ha! It’s a healthy energy drink so I guess adding glow in the dark chemicals wouldn’t pass as all that healthy.

Why does vi neon energy drink glow
In fact, Vi Neon doesn’t technically glow in the “dark”, Vi Neon glows a bright neon green color when under a black light. This is a natural effect of one of the ingredients in it; a plant called the cinchona tree bark which contains quinine.

cinchona treeThe cinchona tree bark has medicinal qualities when in VERY large doses, and was used for a long time as a cure for malaria. The quinine in the cinchona tree is very sensitive to UV and it will glow in direct sunlight, again, when in large quantities as well.


Of course the amount of quinine in Vi Neon energy drink is not large enough to give any such medicinal benefits, however when placed under a black light, it will radiate a beautiful neon green color. And that’s pretty cool!

This effect is one reason why Vi Neon Energy drinks are a favorite drink choice for bar owners to serve. You gotta admit they look pretty groovy. Plus, they add a definite WOW factor at Halloween parties (as long as you have a black light!).

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