Will I Have To Drink Visalus Shakes FOREVER To Keep My Weight Off?

Weight back after stopping visalus shakesI bet you’ve wondered if you have to drink visalus shakes forever so your weight doesn’t come back, haven’t you?

I have had people tell me they don’t want to be on shakes forever and that’s why they don’t want to even START. WUT? Well, guess what? I don’t want to “have to” only drink shakes forever either, or have to replace TWO meals a day forever either, how boring! And yes, I know what you may be thinking “You don’t need shakes to get back in shape: proper exercise and nutrition will do it”. Well, DUH, OF COURSE IT WILL, so then why don’t you?

Here is an analogy that might help explain what Project 10 can do for you. The shakes are just a catalyst to a good healthy lifestyle. It is sort of like driving a car, it will need oil changes along the way, and maybe even a nice “detail”. Isn’t it great to drive around in a freshly maintained and clean car? This is similar to Project 10. The shakes will get your body back to where you want to be for a FRESH START. It’s like digging out the rocks that have fallen into a well so you can then fill it with fresh water.

So here is the deal, the answer to whether you will gain the weight back after you stop taking Visalus shakes is a simple one :”depends on what you replace the SHAKES with after you stop”. If you replace good nutrition with poor choices, like a McDonald’s burger or even a morning muffin instead of your shake then yes, I 100% guarantee you will put your weight back on. If you go back to eating what got you to where you were in the first place, then you will return to your original weight. Something’s gotta change FOREVER, period, if you want to be healthier. That sucks, cuz I love donuts too (for example), but it is what it is. Bad choices in, bad choices out.

However, if you decide to skip the shakes after you reach your goals and replace those shake meals with similar nutrient dense options, like a healthy salad or lean meats, or a healthy breakfast, then NO you will NOT put your weight back on once you stop drinking them. I don’t replace two meals on a regular basis. I only do this when I am trying to re-group, which isn’t very often, but it happens.

This is the same with exercising at the gym. Will you get all flabby again if you stop doing weight training at the gym? Yes. But can you do some similar form of weight training at home instead? Probably, and in this case then you will probably keep your lean muscle. You didn’t replace the exercise right, only where and maybe the tools you used. Same with the shakes, you are gonna gonna replace the good nutrition with bad nutrition just the “tool” (shake versus healthy food).

My point here is that Visalus shakes will help you not only reach your desired goals by allowing you to see results so you will keep moving forward, but they will hopefully guide you in the direction of seeing what happens when you make better food choices. We don’t want you replacing two meals with shakes forever, but KNOW what will be a good alternative before you make the switch so you can continue to enjoy your results!

I personally ALWAYS, whether I am trimming down for a challenge or not, drink a Visalus shake for breakfast. For me it’s either that or nothing cuz I always tended to skip breakfast altogether. Having some protein in your body first thing in the morning gets your metabolism going so that you start burning fat! If I exercise, I also drink a Visalus shake right after to help repair and rebuild muscle (vs replacing a meal).

So you see? It’s all in how you approach this challenge that will make the difference for you. Do it with the goal not only to shed those extra pounds and get healthier but also with the intent to learn better food choices along the way and you will be on your way to a lifetime of better results from your challenge WITH or WITHOUT the shakes ;-).

To your health!



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